Whole wheat instant noodles are made from flour that contains the entire grain kernel, the germ, endosperm and bran.
Whole wheat instant noodles are rich in many nutrients essential for human health and are high in dietary fiber, which promotes regularity and may help lower cholesterol.

Whole wheat is probably in higher demands in recent years due to its abundant health benefits. Whole wheat is believed to be one of the most wholesome food items, and it ensures a diet rich in nutrients.
The nutritional value of whole wheat is retained even after processing it into flour.

Research has already proven that whole wheat is extremely beneficial for healthy living. Whole wheat lowers the hazards of heart diseases. It also regulates blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

About US

In the 70’s, Mr. HEMATLAL VELJEE started in trading activities of textile and haberdashery in Antananarivo, capital city of Madagascar, which was also his homeland. He was then joined by his two sons, HEMATLAL SANJEEV and ROUPESH.

In the early nineties, and along with the excellent reputation built up by the father and the ambition of the sons, the family business expanded with a diversified range of products and a well-established chain of distribution. The company rapidly grew as they set up in the trading and distribution of basic necessities and mass-market products.

Strong values like Ethics, Innovation, Enthusiasm, Competency, Trust & Cohesion, have been at the base of its success in commercial activities. Today, these principles remain at the heart of all its actions and strategies and this same spirit accompanies the group in its expansion.

Today, HV has gained a significant & well respected position in the business world through its strong brands and products, and continues its growth through innovation and diversification across Mauritius, Madagascar and Africa.


HV Industries Ltd has a moral and ethical obligation to safeguard the interests of its employees, consumers and the environment by aspiring to operate a safe and healthy workplace, to provide safe food and to minimize its impact on the environment.

It is our prime responsibility to assure the safety of our products.
Our concern is to prepare and package the foods using quality ingredients and materials in order to ensure that all food supplied to our clients is produced to high standards of safety and wholesomeness, in accordance with good manufacturing practice and principles of HACCP.

We are committed to maintain consumer confidence in our products and exceed consumer expectations by meeting all regulatory requirements/standards for food quality and ensure regular training of our food handlers to implement good hygiene and manufacturing practices at all levels and in a compliant manner.

As a result, H.V industries Ltd is HACCP certified since April 2014 are in continual improvement in terms of new technology and innovation. Also, all our range of products has its halal certification.